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Bacon Buddah Style Bowl
Bacon Buddah Style Bowl


(makes 4 bowls)

200 g

Eskort Rindless Back or Shoulder Bacon

250 ml


1 can


15 ml


500 ml


30 ml


15 ml

lemon juice

30 ml

water (for dressing)




  1. Fry the bacon and set aside.

  2. Cook the quinoa according to pack instructions until it is light and fluffy and the water has all been absorbed.

  3. Pan fry the chickpeas in a splash of olive oil and the paprika until golden.

  4. Set a pot of water to boil on high heat and add some salt. Blanch the kale by adding it to the boiling water and stirring in for about 4 minutes before removing and draining the water.

  5. Make your dressing by mixing the tahini, lemon juice and water together.

  6. Halve your avocados to serve and make your bowls by dividing the ingredients evenly between 4 bowls.

Recipe Meal Types: - Salads - Lunch - Dinner - Entertaining
The following products can be used with this recipe:
Eskort Rindless Back Bacon

Eskort Shoulder Bacon

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