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Sausage, Pea & Egg Fried Rice
Sausage, Pea & Egg Fried Rice

A firm crowd favourite our #JustDelicious egg fried rice is deceptively simple but packs a punch of flavour!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 20 min
Serves: 4



250 g

Eskort Chicken Viennas, sliced


onion, chopped

10 ml

soy sauce


eggs, beaten

100 g

frozen peas

25 g


100 g

corn kernels




ground black pepper

400 g

rice, cooked


spring onions, sliced


  • Cook rice according to packet instructions, remove from heat when done and set aside.

  • In a large frying pan, heat butter and add onion, sauté onion until softened.

  • Add sliced chicken Viennas and toss, cook for 2 - 3 minutes, add soy sauce and toss.

  • Add beaten eggs to onion and stir, using a fork, to scramble them up while cooking season with salt and pepper.

  • Once egg is cooked, add rice and toss through with onions and Viennas, add more butter if needed.

  • Add soy sauce, peas and corn and fry for another 5 minutes.

  • Serve warm with a sprinkling of spring onions.

Recipe Meal Types: - Lunch - Dinner - 30 Minute Meals
The following product can be used with this recipe:
Eskort Chicken Viennas

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